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Under the Pango Mango and Tropi Mango brands, Martex Farms supplies mangos to the most prestigious retailers in Europe, United States and Puerto Rico. Our mango production relies on a low-density planting scheme of over 65,000 trees of the finest commercial varieties.  We grow mostly KEITT (about 80%) with complementing orchards of PALMER and PARVIN.

Martex Farms learned long ago what is now common knowledge to European top retailers – there is a better way to enjoy mangos and that way is Keitt.

We are purposely committed to the Keitt variety with their evergreen color and reddish blush because it offers:

  • Superior Fiberless Taste – Inside is a beautiful yellow juicy flesh with an excellent sweet taste and pleasant aroma
  • High Brix Content
  • Long Shelf Life – The longest shelf life in the business upward to 21 days
  • Higher Net Yield to the Consumer – More juicy fruit with its small seed 
  • Large Sizes – Ranging from 5 to 12

Strict Grown Heritage Offers Quality and Healthy Fruit
Grown under the strict guidelines of the Global Gap, Tesco Nurture and M&S Field to Fork.

Longest Mango Season

Martex offers a ten-month production season, January to October, the longest available with a reliable schedule and great transportation to market.  Green immature (cooking) mango is offered November through June.  Traditionally, ripe mangos are available beginning in late February and March.

Control of the fruit from tree to market:

  • We sell only what we grow
  • Being growers/exporters allows us to control the growing cycle
  • Process the fruit from tree to container in under 12 hours
  • Ship to a European port in 9 to 10 days.
  • Reliable information as to supplies
  • Full tracing of each box

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