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Under the VENY brand, Martex Farms produces and markets an ample selection of fresh tropical fruits. Martex Farms supplies Puerto Rico’s main retailers, the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as cruise ships.


Martex Farms leads the Puerto Rican banana industry with 350 acres dedicated to the Grand Naine and Williams varieties.  Martex grows, packs and ripens the fruit in the same place, keeping direct handling to a minimum to avoid damage and bruising of the fruit.  Due to the importance of the handling and ripening of the product, this arrangement places Martex’s VENY bananas in an advantageous position to other bananas offered in the local market.  Therefore, VENY’s consistently excellent premium quality, color, size and sweet taste are though to match.  VENY is Puerto Rico’s top banana!


VENY bananas are available all year round.  There are seven stages of ripeness that go from green, to yellow with brown spots.  Choose yours according to skin color and desired ripeness.  To hurry up the ripening process, place the bananas in a paper bag.  To slow the ripening, process store in the fridge (skin will turn brown but the fruit will stay fresh).  When cut open, bananas tend to oxidize fast, sprinkle fresh lemon juice drops over the flesh to avoid browning.



Martex has the largest tropical avocado orchard in all of Puerto Rico.  The finest commercial tropical varieties have been carefully selected to supply the local market.  Martex grows a green skin tropical avocado variety called Butler.  Since most of the avocado consumed in Puerto Rico is imported, Martex’s VENY avocados are guaranteed to be a fresher and a higher quality product.

VENY avocados are available June to October.  Tropical avocados contain less fat.  They are ripe when skin gives slightly to a gentle squeeze.  If it is too soft, it is over ripe!  Avocados are best kept at room temperatures.  To hurry up the ripening process, place the avocado in a paper bag for a few days.  Avoid direct sunlight or high humidity.  Once fully ripe they can be stored in the fridge.  When cut open, sprinkle fresh lemon juice drops over the flesh to avoid browning.

Other Tropical Fruits

Martex has designated over 100 acres to develop an exotic fruit program. Orchards of tropical fruit like Mamey Sapote, Spanish Lime (Quenepa)Key Lime and Papaya are being grown as part of this program. These orchards constitute a unique development in Puerto Rico.

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